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Product Information

My-T-Soft® Build-A-Board

Finally, A Secure, Reliable, Cross-Platform, User Interface!

My-T-Soft® now includes IMG's Build-A-Board & Online Layout Database with thousands of layouts for the ultimate On-screen Keyboard User Interface.

Get the My-T-Soft Advantage! What you want, when you want, where you want it!

Ready to start making custom layouts?
Click here to Watch videos in the Build-A-Board How To Video Series!
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Now, anyone can create custom touch screen keypads and panels with interactive buttons, input panels, and keyboards on screen that seamlessly integrate into any application, roll-out on any platform, provide operator security, are easily modifiable, and yet still provide the ultimate user interactive experience. Whether you're on a touch screen, mobile pc, rugged tablet, smartphone, tablet pc, or ultra mobile system, you now have the right set of tools for them all. And it easily integrates into any low or high level programming environment with our SDK Developers Integration Kit!

Don't want to Do It Yourself? Let us build layouts and help integrate them!

Build-A-Board On-screen Keyboard Designer Screen Shot (Keypad Templates)

Build-a-Board can generate it's own software input panel run-time targets for Windows CE thru Windows 11 (including Embedded and Terminal Services), Linux, Android, and Mac OSX, or add custom layouts to IMG's My-T-Soft Family (My-T-Pen, My-T-Touch, My-T-Soft, My-T-Soft Terminal Server, and OnScreen with WordComplete).

Build-A-Board is the answer for anyone who needs complete control over the user interface when working with a mouse, mobile or rugged tablet, trackball, or touch screen based system. Of course, it also works with any other pointing device.

With Build-A-Board you can...

  • Customize the user interface!
  • Only give the user what they need for each field or screen
  • Quickly change the user interface as processes change
  • Create or re-create any virtual input panel or on-screen keypad
  • Replace old legacy membrane panels with virtual (re-programmable) replicas
  • Shape panel layouts to fit application frames. Like an L-shaped keypad!
  • Select Fonts, Colors of Text, Keys, and Panels
  • Use High Resolution 3D Text or Images on Keys or Buttons
  • Build & Test within the Builder Environment(does not require Target system)
  • Cut/Copy/Paste Keys, Drag & Drop keys for quick & easy layouts
  • Align keys - Top/Left/Bottom/Right/Horizontal Center/Vertical Center
  • Evenly Space Keys / Center key or Keys
  • Size Keys to match Width/Height/Both Width & Height
  • Create keystrokes along with full-featured macros in Key Action
  • Built-in Commands: Close, Minimize, Save Position, etc.
  • Open different layouts from user-accessible keys or manage programmatically
  • Play Sounds (Wave / MIDI files)
  • Run External programs, Shortcuts, Use File Associations to launch host apps
  • And a whole lot more!
Build-A-Board On-screen Keyboard Designer Screen Shot

The Ideal Complement to Mobile, Tablet, & Touch screen based systems!

Build-A-Board's Touch screen Keyboard User Interface Utilities are the answer for any end-user, developer, integrator, or manufacturer who wants alternatives & options to a basic on-screen or external keyboard. In secure environments, controlling what features & functions are available to the operator can be extremely important, and Build-A-Board gives you the ability to do just that!

Replace outdated equipment with new systems utilizing today's mouse, pen or touch screen input technology, while preserving existing methodology & procedures - Familiar interfaces eliminates the need for additional user training!

Other solutions include users with Special Needs using non-traditional Assistive Technology devices...


  • Drag and drop keys with modifiable labels, actions, views

  • Multiple target platforms - Windows CE thru 10 (Embbedded & Terminal Server), Android, Linux, Mac OS X, etc.

  • Create any on-screen keyboard, touch screen key panel, virtual input panel, or membrane panel

  • Create shaped panels to fit available application screen space, such as L-shaped or wrap around layouts

  • Replace old legacy membrane panels with re-programmable on screen panels

  • Select Colors of Text, Keys, and Panels

  • Use High Resolution 3D on keys

  • Drag & drop images / add images to keys and panels

  • Select Fonts

  • Build & Test within the Builder Environment locally (does not require Target system)

  • Cut/Copy/Paste Keys

  • Align keys - Top/Left/Bottom/Right/Horizontal Center/Vertical Center

  • Evenly Space Keys

  • Size Keys to match Width/Height/Both Width & Height

  • Center Key or Keys

  • Create keystrokes along with full-featured macros in Key Action

  • Built-in Control Commands: Close, Minimize, Save Position

  • Open different layouts from user-accessible keys or manage programmatically

  • Play MIDI files (on supported platforms)

  • Play Sounds (Wave files) (on supported platforms)

  • Run External programs, Execute Shortcuts, Use File Associations to launch host application

  • Save and Manage projects

Builder provides development environment for boards with 1 to 250+ keys per board

Build-A-Board On-screen Keyboard Builder Screen Shot

Some Sample Layouts

Build-A-Board touch screen keyboard Example Membrane Panel Layout
Build-A-Board On-screen Keyboard Example Edit Panel Layout
Build-A-Board Virtual Keyboard Example Keyboard Panel Layout

Build-A-Board Virtual Keyboard Example Function Key Layout
Build-A-Board On-screen Keyboard Example 24 Function Key Layout


Want Customized Painting?

Use My-T-Soft with the Developers Kit!

My-T-Soft 104 on-screen keyboard with Edit using Customized Painting
(Using the SDK Developer's Kit - KeyPaint interface allows custom key painting to allow virtually any view)

Build-A-Board 2.20 now supports images for keys and panels Build-A-Board 2.20 now supports images for keys and panels Build-A-Board 2.20 supports Windows CE thru 10, Linux, Android, Terminal Server, and Mac OS X targets


On-Screen keyboard software written as standard Windows application
  • Compatible with all properly written Windows applications
  • Developed in C/C++ - written at same level as operating system for maximum capabilities
  • Accesses low-level operating system API via standard interfaces/system libraries - No frameworks or special environment required
  • Field proven technology since 1993
Cross-Platform keyboard software written at system level
  • Compatible with all major operating systems - Windows, Android, Linux, Mac OS X
  • Structured design - target specific functions, shared core keyboard functions, abstracted system API functions
  • User and System option support
Flexible/modular design
  • Keyboard layouts as binary data files for minimal space requirements
  • Fully emulates physical keyboard
  • Program / Data approach - Program (run-time target software) and separate Data (Keyboard layout) design provides maximum flexibility for multi-platform solutions
  • Builder, Project Text files, Project database, multiple target output design creates open-ended options for layout creation
  • Separate user-interface, event handler/virtual input processor design creates open-ended options for end-user/target operation
  • Separation of Key Label/visualization and Key Action (event) within user interface allows open-ended options
User, developer, and integrator command and control options
  • Provides ability for user to operate without need for physical keyboard
  • Operator mode for secure application integration
  • Developer's Kit (SDK) for controlling and manipulating keyboard
Modular support options/capabilities
  • Custom views/colors/key images
  • Sounds
  • Transparency (on supported platforms)
  • Windows logon options
  • External Support utilities (Developer's Kit)
Extensive feature list
  • Unique and specialized features to address customer needs
  • Detailed help, documented options, on-line knowledgebase
  • Advanced Technical support, programming, and program level integration assistance available

Technical Information

Build-A-Board provides a Builder tool which is a standard Windows Application, that is used as a development environment for laying out one or more boards with any number of keys. Each project/custom board can be targeted towards any supported platform (platform license may be required). Each supported platform provides target specific run-time files or target-based install package.

Build-A-Board was designed from the ground-up to be a cross-platform, multiple target custom keyboard design tool. The Build-A-Board Builder is the developer front-end that can manipulate keyboard layouts, look, and features. The Run-Time Targets are the actual software (Program) that runs on a target system to display and operate the keyboard layout (Data). Due to the various nature and aspects of the different run-time operating systems and environments, there are features and capabilities that may not translate from one system to another. Also, with over 15 years of providing keyboard solutions, and a half-dozen keyboard file data formats, there are also other constraints that may affect a particular target.

The actual code-base for the run-time targets is a combination of target specific code, shared core keyboard software code, and shared lower-level abstracted operating system API code. Because the foundation was designed to be cross-platform, and extensible, the ability to run the same keyboard layout (Data) on multiple run-time targets (Programs) is the expected operation.

Build-A-Board is the result of constant input and feedback from customers, integrators, developers, and OEMs on what a flexible on-screen keyboard/user interface tool needs to do. Engineered using a disciplined/modular/cross-platform approach, Build-A-Board is the professional's choice for any serious customer or enterprise based deployment.

Order - Build-A-Board Licensing Information

IMG's Build-A-Board Designer Editor, Online Layout Database, and Programming Support are now included with your
My-T-Soft Professional, OEM, Site, or Enterprise License purchase! Please contact IMG Sales for more information.

  • Windows CE thru 10 (32 & 64 bit), Embedded, Terminal Server, Android, Linux & OSX
  • For Windows, please see My-T-Soft for Windows
  • For Android, please see My-T-Soft for Android
  • For Windows CE (.NET/SIP/Compact Embedded), please see My-T-Soft CE
  • For Linux, please see My-T-Soft for Linux
  • For Mac OS X, please see My-T-Soft for Mac OS X
  • For Terminal Server / Remote Desktop on Thick or Thin Clients, please see My-T-Soft TS
  • For Upgrades or Older Version Licensing, please see our Annual Maintenance Support option.
  • Developer Friendly with a SDK kit, Developers Corner, and phone / email based programming support
  • Cross Platform run-time support means consistent operator user interfaces across different O/S's
  • Layouts can be embedded in any My-T-Soft Family product

Just want to license electronically? Download and install the software, then click on "Purchase License Now" from within the software's License Manager!

Volume Purchase or Corporate Enterprise Licensing
  • Build-A-Board Designer, Online Layout database access, Account - FREE
    Customization capabilities for My-T-Soft / any Build-A-Board run-time license - Download Free Build-A-Board Designer
  • 1-49 Device Licenses with Build-A-Board Designer, Online Layout database & Support - $24.95US each device Cat. # 12412
    Qty 10+ $19.96US
  • Enterprise 50 (Designer(s), Keyless, Image Ready Licensing, on-going support - 50 Devices) - $ 899.95US Cat. # 12402
  • Enterprise 100 (Designer(s), Keyless, Image Ready Licensing on-going support - 100 Devices) - $ 1799.95US Cat. # 12403
  • For Large or Global Enterprises, IMG Technology Licenses are offered - Please Contact IMG Sales
For OEM, Integrator & Reseller Pricing or End-User Single, Multi-Site, or Enterprise Licensing (including Keyless Licensing, Image Ready integration, and Programming Integration Support), please call 800-889-0987 (+1 818-701-1579) or contact IMG Sales

Build-A-Board Builder Tool License (Run-time Lics Addl.) Suggested Price (US) $0 (FREE).

  • Builder for Creating / Maintaining Boards on existing run-time licensed devices, of for Prototyping, Proof of Concept
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Run-Time / device licenses required for uninterrupted operation of custom layouts
  • Download Free Build-A-Board Designer

Build-A-Board Run-time License Only (My-T-Soft CE / 2.20 / 2.30) Suggested Price (US) $24.95. Cat. # 12412

  • Run-time license for licensing additional supported devices (Through Account)
  • Qty 10+ $19.96US

Build-A-Board Enterprise 50 (1 Platform) [SMB/Corporate Dept.] Suggested Price (US) $899.95. Cat. # 12402

  • Builder with Platform license for up to 50 devices (keyless/image ready licensing)

Build-A-Board Enterprise 100 (1 Platform) [Single Site] Suggested Price (US) $1799.95. Cat. # 12403

  • Builder with Platform license for up to 100 devices (keyless/image ready licensing)

  • For larger deployments, IMG Technology Licenses are offered - Please Contact IMG Sales