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Woodland Hills, CA - IMG is pleased to announce the release of its My-T-Soft TS programmable Onscreen Keyboard and Macro Utilities for Microsoft Terminal Services.

My-T-Soft (My-Typing-Soft Keyboard) TS (Terminal Services) offers programmable US & International Onscreen Keyboards and Panels. The product was designed to replace keyboards and membranes on Pen or Touch based wire or wireless thin clients, attached to a Citrix / MS Terminal Services Server, and provide complete logon and Windows application control, regardless of the client operating system.

Developed at the request of several IMG OEM's in the medical, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical markets, the product is a derivative of IMG's popular My-T-Pen, Soft, and Touch programmable Onscreen Keyboard and Macro utilities, written expressly for Citrix and Microsoft Terminal Services environments. The server component requires Citrix and MS NT or 2000 Terminal Services. The thin client component will run under any O/S supported by Terminal Services such as: Windows CE, 95, 98, Me, 2000, Unix, X-Windows, and Linux.

Developers & System Administrators use IMG products to implement pen or touchscreen based systems without the need for a physical keyboard or membrane, completing the user interface. Key features include network logon, passwords, ID authentication, production quantity entry, notes, name entry, etc. Security features include the ability to "hide" keys and lock panels. A Developers Kit permits the selection and sizing of any keyboard component or macro panel from within any application, database, or high level programming environment.

IMG provides unique & innovative interface software to OEM, corporate, commercial, educational, government, medical, military, and industrial clients worldwide. Applications include Automation, Assistive Technology, Data Acquisition, Emergency Response, Fleet/Naval GPS, Human Machine Interface, HVAC, Instrumentation, Kiosks, Machine Vision, Medical Equipment, Mobile/Military Field Systems, POS, Process Control, RF/Wireless, Robotics, Simulators, Shop Floor/MRP, Test & Measurement, Warehouse Management, Wearable, and Whiteboard systems. The 'heads-up' software controls virtually ALL Windows functions and works with ANY Windows application, in EVERY graphic mode using any pointing device. My-T-Soft TS retail starts at $599.95 for a 10 User License. OEM, Private Label, and Customized version are available. Additional information and graphics are available at

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