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Innovation Management Group's (IMG) My-T-Soft to be part of Rowe International's Digital Jukeboxes

Rowe International Integrates My-T-Soft® Into Internet Downloadable Jukeboxes

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif., October 15, 2001 -- IMG, the leading supplier of onscreen keyboard utilities to pen and touch-based systems manufacturers, announced today that it has signed an OEM license agreement with Rowe International, the world's leading supplier of commercial and home CD jukeboxes. Rowe International becomes the latest in a series of touchscreen based equipment manufacturers to integrate IMG's My-T-Soft product.

My-T-Soft (My-Typing-Soft Keyboard) offers more than 45 programmable U.S. and international 3D onscreen keyboards and panels. The main focus of the product is for use in touch screen based systems as an alternative to physical keyboards and membrane panels, such as automation, kiosks, POS and other environments. A thin client version for Citrix / MS Terminal Server is available under the My-T-Soft TS name.

The latest release of My-T-Soft also provides full support for Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000 and XP platforms. Prior releases required different products for different Windows versions. This update allows IMG's OEMs and VARs to integrate a single product into their systems, regardless of the Windows platform they choose.

"My-T-Soft provides the perfect complement to the Fiesta Jukebox. Because it is written at the Windows Kernel level, unlike onscreen keyboards and panels developed in a database, browser, active-x, java, or high-level tools such as Visual Basic, it offers complete control over all Windows functions while providing the user with a 3D 'heads up display' interface," said Jerry Hussong, IMG's vice president of sales and marketing.

The IMG My-T-Soft, Soft, and Pen product line offers an unlimited number of programmable macro buttons and panels. The products also work with any serial or PS/2 pointing device, making them equally useful in a wide variety of environments.

My-T-Soft retails for $99.95. OEM, private label, and customized versions are available. Additional information and graphics are available at My-T-Soft Info.

About Innovation Management Group

IMG is the primary supplier of programmable U.S. and international onscreen keyboards, button & panel utilities to pen and touch based systems manufacturers worldwide. Over 85 percent of IMG’s business is through pen and touch based OEMs in automation, assistive technology, data acquisition, emergency response/in-vehicle systems, fleet/naval GPS, HMI, HVAC, instrumentation, Internet appliances, kiosks, machine vision, medical equipment, mobile/military field systems, POS, process control, IR/RF wireless, robotics, simulators, shop floor/MRP, test and measurement, warehouse management, wearable, and whiteboard systems.

About Rowe International

Rowe International is the world's largest supplier of jukeboxes and bill changers, and a leading manufacturer of vending machines. The company operates a 400,000 square foot facility in Grand Rapids, MI, that houses manufacturing, engineering, research and development, sales and marketing and administration; and has distributors in 40 countries worldwide. For more information, call (616) 243-3633.

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