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Woodland Hills, CA - Innovation Management Group, Inc. announces the release of Developer Kits for its My-T-Pen, My-T-Soft NT, and My-T-Touch utilities.

Responding to the rapidly growing use of its onscreen virtual keyboards, programmable macro buttons & panels, and pointing device utilities by pen and touchscreen OEM's, kiosk developers, systems integrators, and commercial users, IMG has developed an advanced set of executables that simplify the integration of its products into clients applications. IMG's Developer Kits are designed to be used from within Visual Basic, Access, Delphi, Oracle, LabView, Intellution, or any other high level application development tool. Most importantly IMG's My-T-Pen, My-T-Soft NT, and My-T-Touch products guarantee conflict free operation across the myriad of Windows graphic environments and pointing devices.

OEM's, System Developers, and Integrators can now call up a "soft" keyboard (for alpha entry), numeric keypad (number entry), pre-programmed macro buttons & panels (create/edit control scripts or processes), or a 4 function calculator, at any time, in the exact size and screen location required. The panel or panels can then be closed upon completion, all with the use of simple commands. Enabling the "Hide Keys" function (which permits turning off keys on the keyboard) and Supervisor Level Security (locking panels to minimize access), My-T-Pen, My-T-Soft NT, or My-T-Touch become the perfect answer to replacing a "hard" or physical keyboard in any system.

Best of all, IMG's new Developer Kits are FREE! They can be found (along with other IMG tips, tools, and demo's) in the Developers Corner of IMG's website at: ""