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Innovation Management Group (IMG) Announces Major International Update To Its My-T-Soft Product Line

My-T-Pen, My-T-Soft, My-T-Soft TS, and My-T-Touch update

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif., June 1st, 2003 - IMG, the leading supplier of onscreen programmable onscreen keyboard and macro utilities for industrial, military, pen, ruggedized, tablet, touch, wearable, and whiteboard based PC systems, announces a major international update to its My-T-Soft onscreen keyboards product line.

The latest release of the My-T-Soft product line (Version 1.77) includes support for over 65 countries, with 88 international code sets, and 176 programmable, infinitely sizeable keyboard layouts. These include new country layouts for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. IMG has also added enhanced keyboard offerings for both 101 and 104 key keyboard layouts, a transparent “see thru, work thru” keyboard feature, and the ability to inventory and use custom keypad, keyboard, macro, and membrane layouts developed with IMG’s “Build-A-Board” Keyboard Assembler Tool.

The traditional numeric, calculator, edit, Windows macro, and programmable macro panels are also still part of the product and can be called up alone or in any keyboard / panel combination, any size, any screen co-ordinate (x / y), from any field, object, line of code (from C++ or any high level programming environment), or application.

IMG has made extra efforts to preserve backwards compatibility for clients, developers and ODM/OEM’s who have made custom configurations and done custom integration, to minimize upgrade tasks.

With the release of Windows 2000 & XP and compliance issues such as 21CFR and HIPAA, most major pc and software manufacturers started looking towards onscreen "virtual" keyboards for login, compliance tracking, interactive, and basic data input.

Those that looked to Tablet PC for a solution have found the included onscreen keyboard (2 sizes, non-programmable, non-integrateable) too limiting for most projects and the pen input learning curve and accuracy to limiting for warehouse, medical, route, or field-service projects, especially with multi-operators sharing one pc (which is why My-T-Pen is bundled by major Tablet PC manufacturers not using the "laptop" configuration).

Those that were planning or had already created their own onscreen keyboard are finding they hadn't considered their needs for cross application support, network logon, multiple screen sizes / resolutions, international layouts, and integration requirements for existing applications, middleware, emulators, or high level programming and web enabling tools. Since 1995, IMG's onscreen keyboard utilities were written specifically for those needs. IMG's program code is written at the same level as the Operating System (Windows, Citrix, Terminal Services, Linux, etc). It communicates at the same level as the keyboard buffer, so it is seen as the actual physical keyboard by the operating system. IMG's onscreen keyboards, keypads, and macros can be used to logon to networks, control operating system functions, and do everything a physical keyboard (or membrane) can do across multiple applications, thru emulators, and even legacy programs (i.e. DOS programs under a Windows Shell).

Which is why, IMG's onscreen keyboards utilities are recommended, offered or bundled by all major Pen, Tablet, and Touch based PC systems manufacturers / integrators and SCADA software publishers worldwide.

A Developers Application Integration Kit is an included in all products. It includes both API level support and scripted executables (with source code) for integration with any high level programming environments such as Access, Delphi (& other databases), C++, HTML/XML, ActiveX/Java, HMI, SCADA, Oracle, SAP, Visual C & Basic, etc.

IMG provides unique & innovative interface software to major ODM's, OEM's, corporate, commercial, educational, government, medical, military, and industrial clients worldwide. OEM, Private Label, and Customized version are available. Additional demo's, information and graphics are available at,,, or

About Innovation Management Group

IMG is the primary supplier of programmable, infinitely sizeable, U.S. and International onscreen keyboards and keyboard developer utilities. Its software is recommended, offered, or integrated by all major industrial, military, pen, ruggedized, tablet, touch, wearable, and whiteboard pc systems manufacturers worldwide. Over 90 percent of IMG's sales are licensed through pen, tablet, and touch PC systems OEM/ODM's in automation, assistive technology, data acquisition, emergency response, in-vehicle systems, fleet/naval GPS, HMI, HVAC, instrumentation, Internet appliances, kiosks, machine vision, medical equipment, mobile/military field systems, POS, public safety, process control, robotics, SCADA, simulators, shop floor/MRP, test and measurement, warehouse management, wearable, and whiteboard systems. IMG general information, partners, clients, and product graphics can be found at

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