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Las Vegas, NV - New "My-T-Soft NT" offers Pen & Touch users secure NT logon without Ctrl-Alt-Del

Innovation Management Group, Inc. is pleased to announce the long awaited release of its "My-T-Soft NT" 1.50 with NT Logon for pen and touch systems. In response to the rapid growth of Windows NT in the marketplace, along with requests from its OEMs, Kiosk Developers, Integrators, and Users, IMG has released a major enhancement to its Windows NT Onscreen Keyboards utility that enables a pen or touch based Windows NT/2000 workstation to logon to a network without a physical keyboard or hardware device. The "My-T-Soft NT" Logon feature permits unlocking the Ctrl/Alt/Del logon with a single touch, launching the workstation logon window and an IMG Onscreen Keyboard. All entry fields (User, Password, Domain) are accessible. Multiple user logins and domains are supported and the default user and domain can be preserved.

"My-T-Soft NT" is ideal for logins, program installations, ID authentication, production entry, alphanumeric data input, and includes security features such as hiding keys and locking panels. A Developers Kit permits control of the program components from within any application, database, or high level programming environment. "My-T-Soft NT" is the latest version of IMG's popular "My-T-Pen" and "My-T-Touch" products designed to replace physical keyboards and membrane panels with programmable Onscreen Keyboards, Buttons, and Panels.

Applications include Automation; Data Acquisition; Kiosks; MRP/Shop floor; ATMs; CAM systems; Emergency Response / Medical systems; GPS, Human Machine Interfaces; MES; Simulators; Vision and Machine Control; Whiteboards; etc. The 'heads-up' software controls all Windows and application functions. "My-T-Soft NT" supports Windows NT/2000. "My-T-Pen" & "My-T-Touch" support Windows 3x/95/98. OEM, Volume, and Site Licenses are available. For more information, please contact Jerry Hussong - VP of Sales / Marketing.