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Woodland Hills, CA - Upgrade of My-T-Mouse represents a major milestone in product line’s evolution.

My-T-Mouse is the only software product that allows Windows to be operated exclusively from any pointing device. Users find My-T-Mouse’s 25 Keyboard layouts ideal for large screen presentations, instructional kiosks, and industrial environments. OEM, commercial, and industrial accounts use My T Mouse components for instructional and vending kiosks, time-card entry, shop floor activities, ATM’s, CAD/CAM entry, voice recognition editing, and building/process controllers. My-T-Mouse has also received international praise as a valuable tool for the physically challenged and as part of a solution to keep workers with Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) on the job.

My-T-Mouse provides 5 US and 20 International on-screen keyboard layouts in 12 sizes. The layouts feature such innovations as Slide-out Edit, Numeric, Windows, Macro, Dial-A-Key, Magnifier, and Calculator panels with available options for customizing panels and key color-coding. The Macro Panels simplify tasks, reduce scripted programming, replace multi-step menu selections, and can auto-open with their associated application. My-T-Mouse 1.40 includes pre-defined panels for MS Word, MS Excel, CorelDRAW!, Adobe Illustrator, Windows Explorer, Internet Browsers, and many others based on user suggestions and contributions.

The 1.40 release maintains complete Windows 95 & Windows 3.x compatibility while adding new features and functionality to take advantage of the Windows 95 interface. In order to accommodate the increasing demand from international markets, 1.40 is designed for easy localization into any language. In addition to the popularity of the English My-T-Mouse in North America, Great Britain, and Australia, a German version is now available in Europe with more languages planned for the future.

My-T-Mouse retails for $49.95 US. Upgrade pricing for registered users is $19.95 US. OEM components, customized versions, bundles, network and site licenses are available. For more information about what My-T-Mouse can do for you, as well as other IMG software including My-T-Pen, My-T-Touch, My-T-Mouse for Kids and Joystick to Mouse, call Toll Free at 1-800-889-0978 or visit us at our website -