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Woodland Hills, CA - Upgrade of Innovation Management Group's successful Joystick-To-Mouse software offers wider range of support for traditional Joysticks, IR/Wireless Joysticks and VR Headsets.

Joystick-To-Mouse is the software that lets anyone run Windows 3.1 or 95 with a joystick. It has found a large, untapped market of joystick users who want to gain control over Windows, Windows applications, and online services, most of which do not support joystick functions or capabilities.

Joystick-To-Mouse shares the cursor and button controls of the mouse (or other installed pointing device) and allows the joystick to point and click just like a mouse.

Joystick-To-Mouse works with any Joystick, IR/Wireless device, or VR Headset designed to connect to a PCs game port. Easy setup and installation provides out of the box operation for novice users, while offering a wealth of options and advanced settings to satisfy even the most sophisticated Windows power user.

The 2.50 release maintains complete Windows 95 & Windows 3.x compatibility while adding new features and functionality to enhance the product and create a user-friendly way to run Windows.

Joystick-To-Mouse retails for $29.95 US. Upgrade pricing for registered users is $14.95 US. OEM components, customized versions, bundles, network and site licenses are available. For more information about what Joystick-To-Mouse can do for you, as well as other IMG software including My-T-Mouse, My-T-Pen, My-T-Touch, and My-T-Mouse for Kids, call 1-800-889-0987 or visit our website -