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The First User Interface Designer Tool with Cross-Platform Run-times.

PASO ROBLES, CA, September 1, 2010 – IMG, the leading supplier of onscreen keyboard utilities for pen, rugged, tablet, and touch based systems worldwide, announced today that it is shipping a major new release of its Build-A-Board Onscreen Designer with Run-time Utilities for Windows CE thru 7 (including Embedded and Terminal Services), Linux, and Mac OSX. The Designer Tool allows clients to create or modify onscreen keyboards, keypads, macro panels, virtual membrane panels, POS, and Kiosk user interfaces, then generate consistent "look and feel" run-times across multiple platforms.

IMG has been supplying onscreen keyboard utilities to automation and manufacturing environments for over 15 years. Its products are now used in everything from factory SCADA systems to rugged ultra mobile pcs to MRI / PET systems. Over 85% of its sales are to major OEM’s, VAR’s, and Systems Integrators in hundreds of vertical markets, who build the utilities into their systems. Its customer list includes major corporations from every corner of the world.

Build-A-Board run-time layouts help simplify and control data entry by eliminating the need for an external keyboard. They can be integrated so that keyboards and panels only appear when needed and can be put away when not in use. Keys and panels can be customized to control access and sized to permit accurate entry even with large gloved hands. Custom layouts can be created and imported from IMG’s Build-A-Board Tool with text, graphics, and video buttons that generate text, keystrokes, macro’s, run executables or scripts, and even play wave files. These new options have helped extend IMG’s market reach to other continents with character based languages along with Point of Sale and Kiosk interfaces.

 "IMG’s user interface utilities are an ideal complement to an pen, ruggedized, tablet, or touch base system because they provide a built-in data entry point that can be easily integrated into any vertical market application, said Jerry Hussong, IMG’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "When you place a computer in less than ideal environments, external peripherals such as keyboards get damaged, broken or misplaced. They also can’t offer complete operator control, system security, or respond to processes changes over time. IMG’s onscreen user interface utilities are designed to be embedded in a system, provide complete operator control, and are easily changed or modified to match processes changes."




The My-T-Soft Family (My-Typing-Pen, My-T-Soft or My-T-Touch, and Build-A-Board) offers more than 200 default programmable, infinitely sizeable, U.S. and International "3D" onscreen keyboards, with the ability to custom build additional layouts from a single button to thousands. The main focus of the product line is for use in pen, rugged, tablet, and touch based systems as an alternative to physical keyboards or membrane panels. This release of Build-A-Board adds cross-platform O/S support for Linux and Mac OSX (with others in development) and major changes from a text based tool to graphic, video, and wave file support for keys and panels.

 IMG’s products are written at the O/S’s kernel or services level, unlike a traditional onscreen keyboard developed in a database, browser, Active-X, Java, or high-level tools such as Visual Basic. This allows IMG to offer complete control over all O/S functions and applications and to be available at all times, not just in a single application. Multi-level security features also allow greater control over the user input than a physical keyboard or fixed membrane panel.

OEM, distribution, private label, site, and enterprise licenses are available. Additional information about Build-A-Board and run-times are available at


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Since 1995, IMG has been the professional’s choice for Interactive User & Human Machine Interfaces by major Automation, HMI, Industrial, Instrument, Kiosk, Medical, Military, Mobile, Rugged, SCADA, Tablet, Touchscreen, Voting, Wearable, and Whiteboard system manufacturers, software publishers, and endusers worldwide.

IMG's products run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on some of the most advanced and critical systems in the world! What we offer is simply the most professional, reliable, and integrateable onscreen interfaces, designer tools, and run-time utilities available today! To learn more, visit IMG’s Build-A-Board site or its homepage:






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