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PASO ROBLES, CA. October 1st, 2009 -- Innovation Management Group, Inc. (IMG) announced today that it has begun shipping its latest release of The Magnifier 1.50. A low cost, full screen magnification software application for Windows. Most magnification software products on the market are designed for individuals who have extreme visual impairments or are legally blind and can cost from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. The Magnifier is the first truly affordable full screen magnifier priced within the reach of the average computer user or for use in multi-user environments such as schools, libraries, and businesses. Its flexible "screen magnification" features and simple hotkey menu’s can meet the visual needs of any user. Suggested Retail is only $49.95US.

IMG's The Magnifier is the first Truly Affordable, Full Screen, Incrementally Scaleable Software Magnifier for Windows. No additional hardware or software is necessary. The Magnifier supports Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7. It is available as a download, on DVD, and on IMG’s immensely popular "Insert and Run Anywhere" USB drive technology, which allows users to take The Magnifier anywhere they go because it runs directly from the USB drive with no installation or setup. The Magnifier is also offered in an unlimited user Site License to businesses, libraries, and schools.

As a testament to the quality and stability of IMG’s software, the older version of The Magnifier had needed little change since its release in 1998 and is still sold to support older versions of Windows, including 3.x / 95 / 98 / ME / NT. In 2005 IMG began to prepare for Windows Vista and testing improvements to the existing software. "Hands down, the most asked for feature was a full screen magnification ability. Users also asked for keyboard "hotkey" controls, simple menu’s, portable USB based licensing, and to keep the products price affordable." said Jerry Hussong, VP of Marketing.

"We find that people are buying The Magnifier for themselves, their children, or their parents so they can see the screen better. Many schools and libraries have chosen to install the software on all of their computers so they don’t have to dedicate any one computer for low vision users. The new Full Screen magnification creates a powerful tool to zoom in and easily identify pictures or read text, all accessible with simple keystrokes. The most exciting part is that this capability is now affordable for every business, library, school, and home user. And the new Insert and Run Anywhere USB option has been a big hit with everyone!"

Some of the most outstanding features of The Magnifier include its support for 400 different magnification levels from 1x to 40x in 0.1x increments, along with Full Screen, Windowed, and Lens Modes. There Full Screen Menu is easy to use, and the extensive Hot-Key capability allows users to quickly change settings. The software displays all text and graphics from the desktop, in applications, or on the Internet. Multiple monitors are also supported, with each monitor capable of running multiple magnifiers with their own unique configurations, or stretching the full screen magnification to all monitors. This has allowed IMG to sell The Magnifier into many business markets that would not normally look at a product in this price range.

In addition to the new full screen option, original features still available include Floating or Fixed Positioning (magnification following the cursor or locking the view to a specific screen location). There is an optional magnified cursor, mouse and arrow keys tracking, selectable transparency mode, and even a cursor locator "cross-hair" option- with sizable and animated cross-hair lines- that is ideal for individuals with reduced peripheral or tunnel vision.

A Developers Kit is available for hardware manufacturers and software developers who may wish to integrate The Magnifier with their product. Demo versions and more information are available at IMG’s website


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