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Build-A-Board® Interactive User Interface to be offered with Red Leaf Audio’s Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).

PASO ROBLES, CA, August 1, 2010 – IMG, the leading supplier of Interactive User Interfaces and On-screen Keyboard Utilities for Kiosks, Mobile, Pen, Rugged, Tablet, and Touchscreen based systems, announced today that its Build-A-Board Tool is being integrated into Red Leaf Audio’s DAW.

Red Leaf Audio is introducing the worlds first touchscreen based DAW Control Surface. The Control-32 puts you in direct control of your Digital Audio Workstations software by translating your touch into mouse clicks, slides, draws and fader movements.

Build-A-Board simplifies user input by eliminating the need for an external keyboard or mouse. Keys, buttons, and panels, can be designed, and integrated so that they only appear when needed and can be put away when not in use. On a secure network, the keyboard can be assigned to automatically launch with the login window, so the operator can logon and off as needed. Custom keys, macro’s, keypads and panels can be created and customized to control access, and sized to permit accurate entry by users even with large gloved hands. Custom layouts can be built with text, graphics, sound, and video, then distributed across multiple platforms to Windows, Linux, Unix, and Mac based systems, providing a single, consistent interactive user interface on all devices. An SDK is provided for both low level (API) and high level integration into any programming environment.

 "IMG’s Interactive User Interfaces and on-screen keyboard utilities are the ideal compliment to Red Leaf Audio’s control systems because they provide a built-in data entry point that can be easily integrated into any vertical market application, said Jerry Hussong, IMG’s Vice President of Sales. "When you place a computer in this type of environment, external peripherals such as keyboards can be extremely self-limited, and easily get damaged, broken or misplaced. They also can’t offer complete operator control, system security, or respond to processes changes over time. IMG’s interactive user interfaces are designed to be embedded in a system, provide complete operator control, and are easily changed or modified to match processes changes."

The My-T-Soft Family (My-Typing-Pen, My-T-Soft or My-T-Touch, and Build-A-Board) offers both "Out of the Box" US & International on-screen keyboard utilities for systems manufacturers and endusers who require support for their worldwide channels but just want a "ready to run" user interface and "Do It Yourself" tools for those that want to create custom interactive user interfaces from scratch (or provided templates) and may also want a standardized look and feel across multi-platforms for Windows, Linux, Unix, and Mac OSX.

The newest release of Build-A-Board provides full cross-platform support for Windows CE thru 7 (including Embedded), Linux, Unix, and Mac OSX platforms (with optional Citrix / MS Terminal Services "thin client"/ Remote Desktop support).

 IMG’s products are written at the lowest level of the O/S, unlike other interfaces developed in a database, browser, Active-X, Java, or high-level tools such as Visual Basic. This allows IMG to offer complete control over all O/S and application functions, including ctrl/alt/del, network logons and passwords. Security features allow a supervisor to limit control of the user input by choosing custom input layouts and when those layouts appear.

OEM, private label, site licenses, and customized versions are available. Additional information and graphics are available at


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IMG is the primary supplier of programmable Interactive User Interfaces and Onscreen Keyboard Utilities to automation, kiosk, mobile, pen, ruggedized, tablet, touchscreen, ultra-mobile pc, and whiteboard based systems manufacturers and integrators worldwide. Over 85 percent of IMG’s business is delivered thru hardware and software OEMs in automation, assistive technology, data acquisition, emergency response, fleet/naval GPS, HMI, HVAC, instrumentation, internet appliances, kiosks, machine vision, medical, mobile, military, POS, process control, IR/RF wireless, robotics, SCADA, simulator, shop floor/MRP, test and measurement, voting, WMS, wearable, and whiteboard systems. To learn more, visit


About Red Leaf Audio

Red Leaf Audio offers the worlds first touchscreen Digital Audio Workstation Control Surface. Their products are designed to work seamlessly with any audio production software application such as ProTools, Cubase, Reason, Logic Studio, etc. The control station puts the recording engineer or artist in direct control of the DAW software by translating touch movements and taps into mouse clicks, slides, draws, and fader movements, bringing the look and feel of the software closer to that of a real hardware interface To learn more, visit







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