New touch screen software a game changer

for pharmaceutical manufacturers

Paso Robles, CA – The pharmaceutical tech world has a communications problem. Separate software programs speaking their own languages can cause production and distribution to get lost in translation. Now, the largest supplier of onscreen keyboard user interfaces is revolutionizing the way pharmaceutical manufacturers worldwide operate.

The next generation

Innovation Management Group, Inc. (IMG), has launched the next generation of onscreen keyboard user interfaces – My-T-Soft® Build-A-Board Onscreen Keyboard User Interface with a Designer Tool and Run-times. Its unique capability to cross platforms (Windows, Linus, Mac OS) enables pharmaceutical manufacturing disciplines and departments to share a common software end user interface and provides increased system security. Wherever handheld, mobile & rugged terminals, tablets or touch screens exist, Build-A-Board’s customized interactive buttons, keyboards and panels seamlessly integrate into any application on any platform.

Seamless functionality

Whether using a mouse, pen, or touch screen interface, the pharmaceutical manufacturing software demands seamless functionality. It also insists on accuracy, speed and repeatable measurements in its research and manufacturing, processing and distribution that are simplified though the Build-A-Board system.

Important as the medicine itself

Often, the technology behind pharmaceutical manufacturing can be as important as the medicine itself. Build-A-Board’s functionality insures end users specificity in its ability to:

World standard since 1995

As the world standard of onscreen keyboard user interfaces since 1995, IMG’s line of My-T-Soft & Build-A-Board products help run some of the most advanced and critical systems in the world today.

For more information visit IMG’s Build-A-Board site