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The World Standard in On-screen Keyboard Utilities!


PASO ROBLES, CA, October 1, 2009 – Innovation Management Group, Inc. - the primary supplier of programmable on-screen keyboards and keyboard developer utilities to automation, instrumentation, kiosk, medical, military, public safety, rugged, tablet pc, touchscreen, wearable, and whiteboard based OEM’s and Systems Manufacturers worldwide - announces additional keyboard layout support, integration corroboration with its Build-A-Board Keyboard Designer Tool, and updated support for Windows 7, MS Terminal Services, Linux, and Mac OSX in its latest My-T-Soft Family release.

The My-T-Soft family (Build-A-Board, My-T-Pen, My-T-Soft, My-T-SoftCE, My-T-Soft Terminal Server, My-T-Touch, and OnScreen) includes additional support for most major countries with over 200 programmable, infinitely sizeable keyboard layouts. The update includes more international character layouts, enhanced keyboard offerings in both 101 and 104 key layouts, enhanced Windows platform, network logon support, and transparent "see thru/work thru" keyboard options. The upgrade also provides more Operator / Supervisor security and programming options, with the ability to inventory and use custom keyboards, macros or virtual membrane panels created with IMG’s Build-A-Board Keyboard Designer Tool.

With the release of Windows 2k / XP (and mandates such as HIPAA, 21CFR, & ADA), most major pc manufacturers started looking towards the "virtual" on-screen keyboard for a dependable user input method, secure login, better user / operator control, and audit tracking that would satisfy customer demands for a reliable and easily integrateable user interface. They found only one utility that matched their criteria and only one company whose products were able to handle the different sizes / resolutions, international layouts, cross application / vendor support, and one that could be easily integrated into any existing application, middleware tool, emulator, or high level programming environment. IMG’s on-screen keyboard utilities were written specifically for those needs.

Since 1995, IMG’s fully programmable, on-screen keyboard utilities have included a wealth of features and functions with the ability to integrate into any application or development environment. IMG’s program code is written at the same level as the O/S so its keyboards and macros can be used to logon to networks, control O/S functions, send input to any application, and do everything a physical keyboard can. All this can be done across multiple applications, through emulators, middleware, and even legacy DOS programs. Plus, a Developers Integration Kit is included at no additional cost.

Tens of thousands of companies and OEM's worldwide have incorporated IMG software into their systems because of the high level of functionality, versatility, reliability, and compatibility IMG’s products provide. Whether as part of an automotive, food, chemical, or plant controller, or the interface to an aircraft, rugged military pc, MRI, or fleet GPS system, we help run some of the most highly advanced and critical systems in the world! That has made the My-T-Soft Family "The World Standard in On-screen Keyboard Utilities.

IMG provides unique & innovative interface software to major clients worldwide. OEM, Private Label, Site Licensing, Distributed, and Customized versions are available. Additional demo’s, information and graphics are available at or other respective IMG brand name websites.


About Innovation Management Group

IMG is the primary supplier of programmable, infinitely sizeable, U.S. and International on-screen keyboards and keyboard developer utilities. Its software is recommended, offered, or integrated by most major assistive technology, automation, data acquisition, emergency response, in-vehicle, fleet/naval GPS, HMI, HVAC, instrumentation, kiosk, machine vision, medical, military, mobile, pen, public safety, process control, robotics, ruggedized, SCADA, simulator, shop floor/MRP, tablet, test and measurement, touchscreen, wearable, and whiteboard systems manufacturer or software publisher worldwide. IMG general information, partners, clients, and product graphics can be found at




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