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My-T-Touch® To Be Offered by Mikros Systems

PASO ROBLES, CA, February 15, 2008 – IMG, the leading supplier of onscreen utilities for pen, tablet, and touch pc based systems, announced today that it has begun delivering its My-T-Touch onscreen keyboard utilities to Mikros Systems. Mikros Systems will offer IMG’s My-T-Touch® programmable onscreen keyboard utilities as a part of certain touchscreen based integrated control systems.

Mikros Systems designs, engineers, and installs radar, communications, C4I, and related defense systems.

My-T-Touch simplifies data entry by eliminating the need for an external keyboard. It can be integrated so that keyboards and panels only appear when needed and can be put away when not in use. On a secure network, the keyboard will automatically launch with the login window, so the operator can logon and off as needed. Keys and panels can be customized to control access and sized to permit accurate entry even with large gloved hands. Custom layouts can be created and imported from IMG’s Build-A-Board Tool.

"IMG’s onscreen keyboard utilities are an ideal complement to Mikros integration projects because they provide a built-in data entry point that can be easily integrated into any vertical market application, said Jerry Hussong, IMG’s Vice President of Sales. "When you place a touchscreen in its ideal environment, external peripherals such as keyboards get damaged, broken, or misplaced. In some cases, they may be unusable in such environments as clean rooms, food processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, an operating room or steel plant. They also can’t offer complete operator control, system security, or respond to processes changes over time. IMG’s onscreen keyboards utilities are designed to be embedded in a system, provide complete operator control, and are easily changed or modified to match processes changes."

The My-T-Soft (My-Typing-Pen, Soft or Touch Keyboard) product line offers more than 200 programmable, infinitely sizeable, U.S. and International "3D" onscreen keyboards, with an unlimited number of programmable macro buttons and panels. The main focus of the product line is for use in pen, tablet, and touch pc based systems as an alternative to physical keyboards and membrane panels. The latest release provides full support for Windows CE thru Vista (including XP Tablet and XP Embedded) platforms (with optional Citrix / MS Terminal Services / Remote Desktop support). Prior releases required different products for different versions.

IMG’s products are written at the Windows kernel or services level, unlike an onscreen keyboard or panel developed in a database, browser, Active-X, Java, or high-level tools such as Visual Basic. This allows IMG to offer complete control over all Windows functions and applications, including ctrl/alt/del, network logons and passwords. Security features allow control over the user input.

My-T-Soft, My-T-Pen, and My-T-Touch retail for $99.95. A CE version is available for $24.95. IMG’s Build-A-Board Keyboard Designer Tool Retails for $199.95. OEM, private label, and customized versions are available. Additional information and graphics are available at and


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IMG ( is the primary supplier of programmable U.S. and International onscreen keyboards, button & panel utilities to pen, tablet, and touch pc based systems manufacturers and integrators worldwide. Over 85 percent of IMG’s business is delivered direct by pen, tablet, and touchscreen pc based OEMs in automation, assistive technology, data acquisition, emergency response, fleet/naval GPS, HMI, HVAC, instrumentation, internet appliances, kiosks, machine vision, medical equipment, mobile, military, POS, process control, IR/RF wireless, robotics, simulator, shop floor/MRP, test and measurement, WMS, wearable, and whiteboard systems.


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Our mission is to become the premier Department of Defense (DoD) small business contractor/subcontractor specializing in radar, communications, C4I, and related systems engineering & integration. This means listening to a customer’s wants and needs to identify systems issues and shortcomings and coming up with innovative, state-of-the-art solutions to these issues. We will strive to keep the customer informed of progress and development and constantly seek customer feedback to improve our solutions, our service, and our company reputation.

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